The Tany Meva Foundation is an institution of sustainable financing of environmental projects undertaken by local and community organizations.

To this end, it has two main roles: generating financial resources andfinancing projects.

Its funding is aimed at improving the environment and the living conditions of local communities.

notre vision

The Tany Meva Foundation is a recognized institution for the financing and promotion of sustainable development.

nos missions

Mobilize and allocate funding for community economic, social and environmental development actions for sustainable natural resource management

nos valeurs


Accountable to all its partners, Fondation Tany Meva , in accordance with its status as a public utility, must be clear in the achievement of its mission and report on its actions by promoting public access to information on the financing process and on the use of managed funds.

Through a responsible, committed and dedicated team, Fondation Tany Meva is committed to ensuring the quality of its interventions, to continuously improving its working methods and to achieving tangible results

Integrity and equity

Fondation Tany Meva promotes good governance in its management and fundraising activities by maintaining a high level objectivity, impartiality and probity. It takes into account the gender approach both at the staff level and in the allocation of funds.

Fondation Tany Meva makes its decisions freely without political, religious, ethnic or other influences.

Respect, dialogue and listening

Fondation Tany Meva encourages exchanges, consideration and care for others, cooperation, experience sharing, open-mindedness in a cordial and respectful working environment.