financing themes

Financing themes aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals

Improve the living conditions of the 50% of funding recipients within 5 years

Finance short-cycle income-generating projects related to sustainable development
Promote financial sustainability mechanisms at the local level : Revolving Fund, AGR credit
Support infrastructure projects in favour of the communities and the environment : building of dam, schools, drinking water supply, health,…
Contribute to actions related to food security and the improvement of community health by supporting the recipients

Contribute significantly to the sustainable conservation of terrestrial, lake, coastal and marine ecosystems and related services

Support initiatives to create, manage and restore existing and potential Protected Areas, key areas for biodiversity and other territories
Support and/or promote the Ecosystem Services Payment Mechanisms development and other mechanisms to ensure the sustainability of actions
Promote, enhance and disseminate innovations, applied research and policies that are beneficial to sustainable development and to the environment;
Support conservation, restoration, and REDD activities at the land-based and coastal ecosystem level

Contribution to climate change mitigation and adaptation

Support and disseminate innovations and applied research for climate change mitigation and adaptation
Support the promotion of affordable renewable energies adapted to the intervention areas
Support reforestation and appropriate silvicultural maintenance monitoring activities at the land-based and coastal ecosystem level
Support the dissemination of climate change adaptation and sustainable land management activities: Climate-Smart Agriculture and other sectors

Promote actions fostering behavior change for at least 50% of the beneficiaries

Capitalize on experiences and foster inter-community exchanges
Support IEC (Information, Education, Communication) and CCC (Communication for Behaviour Change) actions to improve the appropriation and sustainability of learning outcomes
Support capacity building activities that promote behavior change for the benefit of promoters and local communities
Develop capacity building themes (management and technical…) for the benefit of promoters and local communities
Develop a community learning mechanism and an appropriate support system for the projects to be funded

Enhance the visibility of funded activities

Define information and communication procedures for the funded projects
Set up an information and signaling system for the funded projects
Develop synergies and complementarities with other entities for the communication of activities