Let’s renew our commitment to the environment!

Antananarivo, 4 June 2020 – World Environment Day is celebrated every 5 June. This year in Madagascar, the theme of biodiversity will be at the heart of the discussions, under the slogan “time for nature”.During “Nature Month”, we will present Nature Heroes to show that there are great men and women all over the island who are fighting to save the Planet. A special Facebook profile picture frame for the “Nature Month” is also available starting June 5th.

Throughout the month of June, Internet users are also invited to share amateur videos on social networks to show that everyone can commit to protecting the environment with the means at their disposal, with the hashtag #HoAnVoahary and #Connect2Earth. The videos will be collected by the team of the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development through social networks. A compilation will be edited and broadcast on the social networks as well as on the national television channel.

According to Mrs Baomivotse Vahinala Raharinirina, Minister of the Environment and Sustainable Development: “This is the year when, more than ever, the world can signal a strong will for a global framework that will “bend the curve” on the loss of biodiversity for the benefit of humans and all life on Earth. We thus call for solidarity and cooperation at all levels. Let us join forces, for this is the only guarantee of a common future, to live in harmony with nature. “

Globally, nature provides services worth approximately $125 billion annually, while helping to ensure the provision of fresh air, clean water, food, energy, medicines and other products and materials. (Living Planet Report 2018). Madagascar’s biodiversity is at high risk: pressures from human activities such as deforestation, pollution, overfishing, climate changes, poaching, etc. are causing biodiversity to disappear at an alarming rate. In Madagascar, because of the confinement measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, pressure on protected areas is increasing and consequently the rate of environmental crime is rising: bush fires, poaching, and corruption for illegal exploitation of natural resources.

Madagascar, like so many other countries in the world, will be able to mobilize online for Nature despite the health crisis linked to COVID-19. World Environment Day is celebrated under the leadership of the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development with all Malagasy nature lovers, including Conservation International (CI), the Madagascar Protected Areas Foundation (FAPBM), the Tany Meva Foundation, Madagascar National Parks (MNP), Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and World Wide Fund (WWF).

Together, let’s raise our voices and show that Nature matters, let’s stand together and turn the tide of nature’s loss!