Happy World Environment Day!

Happy World Environment Day!
“The time of nature” is the slogan of this celebration.

Fondation Tany Meva supports environmental protection and sustainable development by funding projects that benefit communities. This year, Madagascar has decided to dedicate this June to nature.

Under the leadership of the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development (Medd Madagascar), in collaboration with Tany Meva and other conservation organizations such as Conservation International – Madagascar (CI), the Foundation for Protected Areas and the Biodiversity of Madagascar (FAPBM), Madagascar National Parks (MNP), WCS Madagascar (WCS) and WWF Madagascar (WWF), the “Nature Month” invites us to reflect on the future of biodiversity in Madagascar in the years to come and the degradation of the natural world.

You, too, participate in the awareness movement by putting the decor on your Facebook profile on the link https://bit.ly/30jJPof

For more information, see the link: https://bit.ly/3dB48Rv