BirdLife International – CLOSED

Seychelles Magpie Robin Project

$ 19,697 for 1 year

Undertake emergency actions to understand and document the causes of the population collapse of the Seychelles magpie-robin (Copsychus sechellarum), which went from 38 to 12 individuals on Aride Island in the Seychelles in 2014; and take immediate actions to prevent further transmission of the disease, which is likely caused by a protozoan parasite, to other islands

Marine Conservation Society Seychelles

Protection of KBA Biodiversity in Grand Police Wetland

$ 19,996 pour 1 an

Intégration de la conservation des habitats et de la biodiversité de la zone humide de Grand Police dans les actions de développement de la zone.

Island Conservation Society

Integrated Management and Ecosystem Restoration Programme for Silhouette Island Including the Terrestrial National and Marine Parks and their Surroundings

$ 150,000 for 2 years

Improve the management of Silhouette, an island hosting the largest population of the World’s rarest bat, Coleura seychellensis. ICS associates with the Hotel and Resort operating on the island to develop a new management plan for the entire island, biosafety protocol to prevent introduction of invasive species and to introduce best environmental practices in tourism industry. Codes-of-conduct will be published and shared with government and private sector operators in the Seychelles

1st article: 18th Octobre 2016

Island Biodiversity & Conservation

Advancing Environmental Management Practices and Threatened Species Recovery through Partnerships with Private Sector in the Seychelles – First Phase

$ 113,000 for 2 years

Promote the development of ‘biological island’ or ‘mainland island’ programmes to better manage invasive species, as this is done in countries that are more advanced in this field (New Zealand, Mauritius, La Réunion, etc.) and integrate the flourishing Seychelles tourism industry into these programmes

TFC International

Cartographie actualisée 3D et haute résolution de l’île Silhouette aux Seychelles à l’aide d’un drône

$ 19, 985 pour 1 an

Réalisation d’une cartographie numérique de l’île Silhouette permettant aux gestionnaires de disposer de documentation cartographique récente, à grande échelle, numérique et tridimensionnelle