Maurice, Rodrigues

Zones clés pour la Biodiversité Ile Maurice, Rodrigues

Francois Leguat, Ltd

Expanding Rodrigues Dry Coastal Forest at Plaine Corail to Protect Threatened Biodiversity

$ 58,954 for 3 years

Increase population sizes and distributions to enable Rodrigues’ biodiversity to resist uncertain future impacts such as climate change

Ebony Forest Ltd

Restoring Native Forest at Chamarel: Ecological Restoration, Species Reintroduction, and Reconnecting the Public with Nature

$ 77,707 for 3 years

Forest restoration work : weeding and planting indigenous species and doubling the area currently managed from 8 ha. to 16 ha.

Arche Aux Plantes

Projet d’Action de Conservation Flore, Habitat, Region Maurice – Rodrigue

$ 151,021 for 3 years

Work in close relationship with Mauritius partners, including the National Parks and Conservation Service and the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation, to set up a knowledge management system on the Mauritian flora that could inform decision-makers from the government, private sector and civil society. Introduce partners to the model of multistakeholder institutions set up in France for plant conservation called “Conservatoires Botaniques.” The project will include a field component: the reintroduction in the wild of rare and endangered plants that have been safeguarded by the Conservatoire Botanique de Brest since the 1970s.

Mauritian Wildlife Foundation

Developing the Vision for Conservation of Saint Brandon

$ 19,817 for 2 years

Establish a dialogue between all stakeholders involved in the management of the natural resources of St Brandon, collect baseline data that will help in the formulation of an agreed ‘Vision for St Brandon’ that will highlight the need for the sustainable management of natural resources

Mauritian Wildlife Foundation

Support to Private Sector to Conservation in Mauritius

$ 222,225 for 3 years

Re-establish or strengthen populations of three endangered Mauritian birds (Mauritius Kestrel, Echo Parakeet, Pink Pigeon) on private estates. Sign memorandum of understanding with private sector stakeholders to ensure long-term protection of native birds, and build capacity of their staff on bird monitoring and management. Communicate lessons learned to other private sector stakeholders in Mauritius to prepare scaling of the approach

Durrell  Conservation Training  Ltd

Developing Indian Ocean Capacity for Conservation Through Training and Exchange

$ 231,254

Connect young and more experienced (5+yrs experience) professionals working within the Western Indian Ocean, with the biological, social and conservation management training required to become more effective conservation leaders

Ecosystem Restoration Alliance Indian Ocean

Mauritian Fruit Bat (Pteropus Niger) – A Tool for Forest Regeneration

$ 143,630

Use the threatened Mauritian Fruit Bat as an umbrella species to advocate for preservation and restoration of natural habitats, by removal of invasive species and planting of bat-preferred, indigenous plant species. Explore non-lethal methods and awareness raising to minimize the conflict between bats and fruit farmers