ZCB Comores


Conserving Roost Sites of the Livingstone’s Fruit Bat (LFB) as a Model for Biodiversity Conservation in the Comoros

$ 175,000 for 3 years

The proposed objectives and activities were identified as priorities for ecological research during a strategic planning workshop for Dahari for the period 2015 to 2020


Towards a Blueprint for Locally-Managed Marine Conservation in the Comoros: Building the Knowledge Base and Capacity for Monitoring and Management

$149,846 for 2 years

There is an urgent need for a new and more effective approach to marine ecosystem monitoring and resource management that fully engages with coastal and fishing


Identifying and Monitoring Terrestrial Conservation Priorities in the Comoro Islands, and Building Results into Policy and Practice

A long-term achievment conservation of the LFB in ways that benefit rather than penalize those whose livelihoods will be impacted through protection measures

Association 2 Mains

Programme d’action pour une industrie durable d’Ylang-Ylang aux Comores

$ 208 010 pour 2 ans

Le projet vise à protéger la biodiversité grâce à la volonté de préserver les ressources forestières et de prévenir les effets néfastes de techniques agricoles non protectrices de l’environnement