Partnerships and Networks

– Local Community Organizations
– Local and national NGOs and associations
– Thematic ministerial departments: environment, forest, energy…
– United Nations System (Global Environment Facility – Small Grants Programme, World Food Programme, UNDP, FAO, UNESCO)
– Bilateral Partners: USAID, European Union
– Multilateral Partner: World Bank
– Foundations: Mac Arthur Foundation, Art Ortenberg Foundation Liz Claiborne International NGOs: WWF, WCS, Conservation International, Madagascar PACT, Environmental Health Project – Environment Changes Health Outcomes (EHP-ECHO)
– Micro Finance Institutions: Vola Mahasoa, CECAMs, OTIV
– Other: Camp Dresser & McKee International Inc. (CDP)

Networks belonging


  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Alliance Voahary Gasy: Platform of Civil Society Organizations working for the Environment
  • Sustainable Agriculture: Group Semi-Direct Madagascar (GSDM)
  • Angovo Man’Eva, Platform Actors of Ethanol industry


  • Consortium of African Environmental Funds (CAFE)
  • Collaborative Circle of Technical and Financial Partners – Environment (CCPTF-E) Working Group Energy and Climate Change