Community Sustainable Natural Resource Management

–    Community protected areas
–    Sustainable community management of natural resources, including marine


Strengthen the capacity of local and community organizations, encourage their participation in the establishment and management of new protected areas
Tany Meva Foundation contributes to sustainable natural resource management (NRM), especially through financial support to the management and conservation of MPI (System of Protected Areas of Madagascar) and development activities promoted by the surrounding communities


950.000ha supported protected areas, 16% of the national target of Durban (Makira, Mikea Amoron’i Onilahy, Tsimanampetsotsa, Tsinjoriake, Bezaha Mahafaly Midongy)
253.000ha transfers supported management for the conservation of four protected areas (Makira, Mikea Amoron’i Onilahy, Tsimanampetsotsa) 65 transfers management