Ongoing Projects


  • Valuation of water resources for rural electrification: This is an alternative to generator use and rural kerosene lamps. 5 pico hydro electric power plants with an output of 7.5 kW to 40kW, electricity serve 20 villages, for a total of 600 households, 9 schools, 2 basic health centers.
    • 5 sites to host pico hydro power
      • rural commune Andriantsemboka- Antanetikely region Atsimondrano Analamanga district,
      • rural commune Andriatsiazo- Nosibe Tsimiloharano, Analamanga Andramasina district region
      • rural commune Ambaravaranala- Merikanjaka, Manjakandriana district analamanaga area,
      • rural commune Ambohidreny- Analaroa, Anjozorobe district Analamanga region
      • Ankaraobato-Milenake rural commune, tuléarII district, region Atsimo Andrefana.
  • Broadcast Fatana pipa at the school canteens and economic actors Analamanga regions Atsimo Andrefana and Androy. This type of home is chosen for its efficiency, environmental friendliness, cleanliness and safety. It reduces up to 70% consumption of biomass (wood and charcoal). With its fireplace, the pipa Fatana can reduce to 80% the level of indoor pollution. The risk of fire accident are very little. 521 public schools and 400 households in four regions benefited from this home
  • Establishment of a unit of micro ethanol distillery Ambositra and support for local ethanol fireplace Production (01 type tested and improved home laboratory 01 different type of award winning home and being refined by the improvement of energy efficiency). Capacity building of the 30 players in the sugarcane industry / essential oils for the establishment of micro ethanol distillery.


  • 200 ha of community reforestation for energy purposes in the South West region with the establishment of viable plots reforested wood energy use cash. Managed by communities in the municipalities of Andranovory, Andranohinaly and Analamisampy. an autonomous and sustainable manner by local authorities, the forestry administration and local communities
  • 450 ha of reforestation sustainable social and environmental mission supported by the carbon sector in the rural commune of Ankotrofotsy, Miandrivazo district with the development of land titles and the reinforcement of technical capabilities, structural, institutional and organizational social


  • Improvement and rehabilitation of the Botanical and Zoological Park Tsimbazaza: 1500 m² of footpaths rehabilitated the shade house filled with 1315 feet of specialized plants and small infrastructure (cottage and benches) and the various devices are rehabilitated: 45 panels educational / informational and 166m to safeguard rehabilitated
  • 100 women producers of rock salt in the municipality of Ankazombalala in southwestern Madagascar are trained to develop more rational and sustainable production techniques in harmony with the conservation of biodiversity and take advantage of market opportunities more wide
  • Sustainability of the management of the forestry station Mandraka, an area classified 100’ha Crown reserve. This forest station consists of a primary forest, secondary and an arboretum consisting of exotic species
  • Tsiazompaniry ecological showcase Site by Assoction Tsarafara: Management 1059 ha of natural forest, 2,233 hectares of reforestation for the conservation of soil and water, promotion of ecotourism: lease management of 15,000 ha for 30 years. Essential oil production Ravintsara or Cinnamomum camphora an amount of 10 kg / year improving the income of 350 households. 370 people or 60 households electrified by solar panels, drinking water supply by pumping system. 297 students who have completed a Green Class from national parks.


  • 22,900 students from more than 480 public and private schools that made a green class in 23 protected areas. The goal is to discover the natural resources for better knowledge and environmental culture and a more environmentally friendly behavior. Also achieving environmental activities such as school gardens, latrine construction, equipping of schools in renewable energy, the purchase of educational materials relating to the environment …