Adaptation to climate change

Tany Meva Foundation Malagasy participates, through its funding programs “Reforestation” and “green energy” to the mitigation of climate change.
– Alternative energy, including biofuels
– Reforestation and restoration
– Sites of sustainable forest management (KoloAla) and transfer of natural resource management
– Sites carbon sequestration
– Fight against urban pollution, marine and industrial

Afforestation / Reforestation (Ala Meva)


Create or restore forest areas oriented carbon sequestration under the responsibility and commitment of local and community organizations (LCO)

Capacity building in the fight against climate change through forest and bioenergy projects

Tany Meva Foundation continues the dizzying increase of knowledge, as well as its partners in the fight against climate change. Strengthening capacity in developing forest carbon and energy project was organized on 02 and 03 June 2009 at the headquarters of the Foundation. Inserting into the partnership Tany Meva – National Forestry Office International (ONFI), training was provided by Jean Guénolé Cornet, an Expert of ONFI
The ONFI is a consulting firm that has strong experience in project Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), the training focused on the CDM and voluntary offset mechanisms applied to afforestation / reforestation, forest conservation (REDD or reducing emission from deforestation and degradation) and bioenergy

Strengthening the International Partnership

In 2009, the Tany Meva Foundation has received support from Winrock International (representative of UNEP) for mounting the PDD (Project Design Document) Ankotrofotsy the project. This support stems from the retention of a 7 projects submitted by Tany Meva (out of 29 submissions) in the context of a call for projects launched by UNEP CASCADe Programme in Madagascar in 2008. The DDA thus serve as a tool looking for buyers in the carbon market (with the support of Climate Focus)