Founded in 1996, the Tany Meva Foundation is the first Malagasy environmental foundation of public utility. With a capital of $ 3,600 million, Tany Meva is a sustainable financing institution of community projects for environmental purposes
Since its inception to date, about 2000 projects have been supported for funding of $ 8,462,000 divided into the 22 regions of Madagascar
As a community environmental foundation, Tany Meva work to improve the well-being of households and bequeath an exceptional heritage. It also provides goods and services provided by ecosystems in Madagascar through its funding programs

Tany Meva Foundation is a financial institution working in the field of the environment through the active involvement of local communities. She works primarily with local and community organizations, associations, NGOs.


Madagasikara, tany meva” or “Madagascar, Land of Wonders” through conscious, able and committed to the protection and sustainable management of the environment communities


Mobilize and manage financial resources to promote sustainable management of the environment in Madagascar and contribute to global challenges in the field through the active involvement of local communities